Trevor Noah killing it with a piece on black women not being given the credit they deserve. Did you know that black women started BLM? It was these ladies pictured above.

Black women also helped to start Me Too and a black trans woman catalyzed the stonewall riots. Black women were also silenced at Martin Luther King rallies. This is why I keep talking about Mayor London Breed of San Fran because despite being one of the only sane and smart leaders during this pandemic, no one knows who she is.


Misogyny is not just about violence or harassment, it’s often about not being given credit where credit is due. This is a huge problem in the professional world for women and far worse for black women. And I learned a new word:



the specific hatred, dislike, distrust, and prejudice directed toward black women (often used attributively):misogynoir attitudes and comments;The media’s erasure of the contributions of black women to the project was called out as an instance of misogynoir.

It sounds so sexy for such a shitty thing.

Trump re-tweets quack doctor’s video endorsing Hydroxychloroquine and not wearing masks. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram respond by removing her video as fake news.

Trump re-tweeted the viral video of a Houston area “doctor” he called “spectacular” and “an important voice”.

In the video, Dr. Stella Immanuel, promotes hydroxychloroquine as a sure-fire cure for the coronavirus. She claims to have successfully treated 350 people “and counting,” including older patients and some with underlying medical conditions. “You don’t need masks, there is a cure”. She also believes in “alien DNA” and “demon sperm”.

Trump is once again trying to kill vulnerable people with fake science news.

“Facebook, Twitter and YouTube began scrubbing their sites of the video of the doctors on Monday. Conservative news outlets, groups and internet personalities shared it. Facebook said the video is “sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19,” according to spokesman Andy Stone.” source: https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2020/07/28/us/politics/ap-us-virus-outbreak-trump.html

Hydroxychloroquine has no evidence for being an effective treatment for COVID. In fact, according to recent publications in highly respected medical journals, it’s likely dangerous both for the liver and the heart (hydroxycholoroquine-nah-says-nejm). In fact, the US FDA has warned against its use in any further clinical trials.


For reasons that aren’t clear to me, Donald Trump, and co-conspirator Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, have been obsessed with Hydroxychloroquine since the beginning of the pandemic. Bolsonaro, who recently tested positive for COVID himself and claims to take the drug, has been turning a blind eye to the now (at least) 89,000 Brazilian deaths (certainly underreported).